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What is a trigger? A trigger is an event or circumstance, which causes one to react in a certain way by habit; as it is recurring. We all...

National Suicide Awareness Month

September is a month to raise awareness on Suicide. “We lose over 800,000 people per year to suicide”* “It is the 10th biggest cause of...

What Causes Bi Polar?

Bi Polar to me means when one has natural high energy and this is expressed through a way which is not “normal” to society, fluctuating...

Article for The Nackered Networker

This blog post has been written for The Nackered Network - The Nackered...

Kanye West & Bi Polar – My Views

Those who know me well would know that I rarely watch the news. I switched the news off completely since April 20, as we hear the same...

Misdirecting Energy

I have mentioned in a previous blog that we are energy. If this is the case, how is this energy transmitted? I believe it is transmitted...

Bi Polar In More Detail

I have written previous blog posts on: We are energy Bi Polar is a label to categorise someone as having both depression and elated...

Emotions – What are they?

Emotions to me is a way of expressing yourself to the world or in other words releasing your energy out into the world. Being bi polar,...

I Have Been Out Of Balance My Whole Life

One way of looking at bi polar is how balanced one is in life. I have realised, looking back at my life, that I have been out of balance...

An Example of Online Fraud

So today (11th June 2020) I want to raise awareness of an example of online fraud. Some of you maybe aware that my Instagram profile was...

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