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An Example of Online Fraud

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

So today (11th June 2020) I want to raise awareness of an example of online fraud.

Some of you maybe aware that my Instagram profile was replicated - sunar5t (it’s not me, please unfollow, block and report), and 3 of my contacts contacted me through another means saying I (sunar5t on Instagram) contacted them to claim a government grant to help people, which also happened to me.

2 days ago someone on Instagram contacted me with regard to this, I believed them so much, opened my heart out to them and was ready to give them some money for it. Why didn’t I? Because they wouldn’t allow online banking transfer payments. They spent hours, persuading me to use amazon vouchers, paypal, etc instead. Then it finally clicked, they aren’t helping me if they are forcing me to pay in a particular way. And then it clicked the website they directed me to was fake! So I blocked them within a day.

Anyway long story short, my school friend who I’ve not chatted to in decades showed me what they told them, words I had used in conversation with them, in a different context. She asked them “which school did we go to?”. Their response was: "I’m bipolar!" Immediately she blocked them, sensing something wasn’t right and told me!

Little did I know within 1 day, they were replicating my profile, and today (2 days later) started contacting my contacts, my school friend being the first follower of sunar5t on Instagram.

I went to find the contact who I blocked on Instagram, and guess what? They have vanished into thin air, their profile no longer exists and I can’t recall their exact name either! All I have is their whatsapp numbers which I blocked and a name of some sort in my head!

This is why it is so important to have your profile set to private, do not add people just because they look familiar. Check in person with them first.

I hope whoever is on my Instagram account has unfollowed, blocked and reported sunar5t, as if not, there is a chance they may be replicating your profile and doing it again, and again to your friends, and again to your friend’s friends. No wonder online fraud is rampant and it occurs on a daily basis.

My real Instagram profile is Sunar5 but if in doubt, contact me by another means to confirm.

I will now only be adding those I really know in person.

Please share to raise awareness of this.

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