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Therapist vs. Coaching - What’s the Difference?

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Recently I have started a training course in transformational coaching. I am doing this as I would like to have the training in place to be able to support others through coaching as part of my mission to bring awareness to mental health, in particular bi polar. If you are interested in having 6 free coaching sessions, please reach out to me. All that is required is for yourself to be willing to be coached and have an end result you are working towards which is challenging you.

I have also recently started seeing a therapist. Reason being, I feel a therapist can help me to further understand my past behaviours, thoughts and feelings, especially those that are in my subconscious mind and help myself move forward in life. At the same time, if I want to help others through coaching, I need to help myself first. I have come a long way on my personal development journey, but self discovery and bettering yourself is a lifelong journey.

One thing that confused me as I was deciding to do the coaching course was understanding the difference between coaching and therapy. Especially as both involve speaking to individuals and helping them move forward in life by understanding their beliefs but they do it in different ways.

Therapy is backward looking, looking at past events, to uncover beliefs in your subconscious mind that may be holding you back. By sitting with past events, the beliefs from your subconscious mind are able to come to your conscious mind, and once you are aware of your subconscious beliefs, you can decide whether you want to continue holding onto these beliefs or change these for empowering ways to look at things to move forward in life.

Coaching is forward looking, looking at a goal to be achieved and looking at what is holding you back from achieving it. Part of this could be raising awareness of your limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from moving forward and allowing you to come to your own conclusion on whether you want to continue holding onto these beliefs or change these for empowering ways to look at things which enable you to reach your goal.

Which one is better? This is based on personal preference and whether you have a goal to achieve. Where you have a definite end goal to achieve, coaching would be the best approach. Where you want to understand yourself better and discover where some of your current behaviour stems from, therapy would be more suited, as this would help you understand your past.

You are who you are now, as a result of your past thoughts, feelings and behaviour. By being aware of where you are at now, you have the power to change yourself and become who you want to become in life. Both therapists and coaches are useful in helping you become aware of where you are at right now.

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