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Why do people go to jail?

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

I will tell you through an example from my own experiences.

I asked someone close to me: “What are your views on mixed relationships?” They told me that they were happy and loved it. As soon as I told them that I am dating someone from another cultural background, they shut me down immediately. I told some others close to me, and all of them shut me down straight away. The reason? Because I am dating someone who is from another cultural background. Wow, have I committed a crime in doing so?

Right now, my mindset is good, so I'm not going to commit a crime.

But imagine being shut down by everyone around you and your mindset isn't good. You would end up committing a crime anyway and then end up in jail for doing so. This is because no one was good to you or tried to be there for you when you needed someone in your life.

Key lesson here is: always be there for others even if they aren't there for you.

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