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Why do people get locked up in hospitals?

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Mental health means something for everyone. There are some who are different, very different that they can't be understood, like me - I have very high energy naturally!

These people may not know what they are doing is right, as no one helped them or showed them the right way. All someone said to them was, "your behaviour is different, you are crazy", and somehow they end up being labelled as having a mental illness. Because of this, some of these people are put into a hospital and are told to take medication for life.

Why not try to understand these people? What is different about them, why are they different, what good can they bring to the world? How can we help spot these people early as a child, and help them to mold their behaviour in such a way that will add value to society?

I was lucky that I figured out for myself on how to deal with my behaviour - no hospital or doctor told me. All they told me was that I was diagnosed with bi polar and to take medication, which meant nothing to me at the time. Over the last few years, with acceptance of what the doctors told me, I worked it out for myself: I have been bi polar my whole life, no episode in my life caused it as the doctors advised. But some people never work it out for themselves, and need the proper guidance, patience and understanding that I don't feel I fully got from the public mental health services.

Looking back, as I didn’t want to accept matters, even with the help from the public mental health services, I never helped myself by listening, asking questions and taking self control of the situation as I am doing now.

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