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Travelling for 6 months with no money.

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

That's right, I went travelling for 6 months, with no money. Everyone thought I saved and I didn't correct them as they would have thought I was crazy!

I wanted it that badly, I just went! How did I do it?

  1. I had decided before I started my new job in London that I would complete the graduate program and go, having travelled for 3 months previously and experiencing an amazing time. This decision was made in an instant and stuck with me throughout, but somehow I never saved any money in London, as I enjoyed myself too much socialising with University friends, family and work colleagues.

  2. My bank overdraft was 0% interest, they were meant to reduce it, and they never did, I had it longer than planned for my travels.

  3. 0% interest credit cards - I used them, and come Sept 20 they will be paid off completely!

  4. Someone close to me didn't want me to go, to the point that they knew I was going and helped me fulfill my dream to travel and gave me the money to go! If I had asked them for the money, they wouldn't have given it to me, I didn't ask them, so they ended up giving it to me last minute and told me to keep it quiet, so quiet that no one else ever knew. And I am paying them back, all of it and more as they fulfilled my dream to travel, which I wanted so badly and I made it happen for me!

I am not recommending to get into debt. I am just saying how I did it.

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