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Mental Health - what does it mean to you?

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

What does mental health mean to you?

To me it means what state your mind is in, i.e. your mindset.

What is a state of mind or mindset?

It is a feeling.

What is a feeling?

It is created by our thoughts.

What is a thought?

It is created by your beliefs.

What are your beliefs?

It is what YOU DECIDED to believe, your truth of how the world is.

Now what do you believe? Are you even aware of what you believe?

To me this shows your mental health is based on the beliefs ("truths") you hold in your mind of how the world is.

Are the beliefs you hold serving you? If not, why do you choose to believe them?

You do have the power to change your beliefs ("truths") of the world.

First step to do this is through awareness, recognising exactly where your mental health is at right now.

If you have no idea, find out, as without knowing where you are at, how can you ever change yourself?

I wasn't always the person I am right now. I used to be very emotional, hyper, suffer from mood swings and easily frustrated. Right now I am very calm, but no one knows apart from my family, as we are in lockdown and nobody else has seen how I am right now.

You have the power to change yourself, to change your state of mind and become the person you choose to be, because I believe if I Can, You Can.

As I talk through my experiences, I will be explaining exactly what I have done to change my state of mind for the better:

● to be effective

● to be focused - this I always have been, which I believe is the reason my diagnosis wasn't picked up until I was 30 years old, as I could control the thought energy within me before, but when I was 30 years old, I somehow generated more energy within myself than I had ever experienced ever before in my life and was unable to focus and direct it, hence it showed up through my irrational/erratic behaviour that only those at my workplace saw. This I have learnt now. I will discuss in more detail on another blog post 3 keys ideas here - is thought energy, how to focus and behaviour.

● to be creative - ask my friends at school, did they ever see me as creative? - Never. I was the calculator, my friend was the dictionary, English was my weakest subject, I only just passed it! My friend even told me recently, "I never knew you could write like this" and I didn't either, and here I am communicating to the world my views on mental health.

● to be logical - this I always was and most are too - again another detailed blog post on this soon.

● to be productive

● to be anything you choose to be!

I used to always be frustrated. Now I never get frustrated. I don't even care about anything these days, only focus on what I want to think about. Ask my family - at the beginning of lockdown, I said I'm moving out as I was soooo frustrated with the TV being on and on so loud all day long and all night too, with my bedroom being above the living room and not being able to sleep. Now I feel the complete opposite. I could be anywhere, and I'd still be happy and it's all because I made a decision and changed my state of mind. As I said, I am now very calm - but no one will know this as this has happened during lockdown whilst I'm seeing no one but my family and only they know. Ask them - am I calm now? They will tell you as they have seen me change myself to become a better person now with a better mind, a mind that I believe I can control now. I also believe you can control your mind too, as if I Can, You Can.

But how is it I am feeling the complete opposite now when I am still in the same environment? It is because I changed my mind, which proves to me that what is in your mind is what you see in front of you. What do you see in front of you? Do you like what you see? Are you even aware of what you see? If you aren't aware, become aware if you want to change yourself. How do you become aware? Think, how am I really feeling? How am I really feeling? If you don't like it, change it. How do you change it? Choose to feel a different way. Keep telling yourself I am positive even if you don't feel it. It is through repeating affirmations (statements of positive reinforcement of what you want to be) with emotions regularly to yourself all day long even when you don't feel like doing this or believe it. This is exactly what I did and still do daily. There are other tools you can also use too. I will post in detail in a later blog post. Until next time.

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