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Mental Health

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

We all have mental health, the same as us having physical health. Some are unfortunate to be labelled. Why is it, until someone gets labelled with a mental health issue, no one ever considers helping themselves to create an effective mindset, one which helps you to make the right decisions from a good place. One where you are creative, focused and being able to see things clearly and all the opportunities around you for your taking. Believe me, this is a mindset possible for you to create, as me myself, I never was creative, I thought I couldn't write, and yet here I am creating this blog for everyone to share. If I am doing this now, I believe this is also possible for you, along with doing anything else you think you cannot do.

Exactly like physical health, mental health needs to be looked after too. What do you do to look after your mental health?

It wasn't until only a few years back that I really started looking after my mental health. Meditation, Yoga, all made me yawn, too slow, boring! But somehow I ended up in a position where I started attending yoga classes and I remember telling my yoga teacher “This is boring” to her face. The fact that she never judged me and said nothing motivated me to keep going. Being disciplined helped me too, the ability to follow through on matters even when you don't feel like doing it! This is also a mindset behaviour which can be learnt. I learnt how to do this at school as I was made to do activities I didn't enjoy but I did it anyway as was told to do it. I didn't realise until this date that I was being taught an important lesson; discipline - doing things even when you don't feel like doing it because doing so you learn more and become a better person. This is what I did with yoga, so much, that it has taken me 3 to 4 years to now proudly say I actually enjoy yoga.

Meditation was the same, I was meditating intermittently, and not realising how it would benefit me. The fact that I did it was good, but given I wasn't ingraining it regularly into my life I didn't reap the full benefits of it. It was only when curiosity piqued my mind and I started reading personal development books. I found out that if you want to change your mindset, you need to be disciplined. Take small daily steps, every single day, to see the effects and to start where you are, until what you are doing becomes natural and effortless and is your way of living. If you stop, at some point your mind will revert back to the old habits you have. If you want change, any kind of change, especially change in your thinking, you need to be disciplined, taking daily action until the habit is embodied in you and becomes natural.

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