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Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Do you believe in Karma? I do, I saw it, right before my eyes. The person who bullied me at school, I saw them get their karma, and I could not believe it.

After year 10, over a few years, I met people in my life, who all told me, they hated the person who bullied me at school.

One day I was out having dinner and I met the person who bullied me. She was sitting on a table with all these girls. All these girls who I had met and had told me they hated her. Yet she was telling me, she was there with her friends.

I could not believe it. I never wished this to happen to her, but it was shown right in front of me.

So have you done anything bad to another? You have a choice right now - stop hurting others, apologise to the people who you treated badly. If not, you will get Karma, and it will come in ways you will not expect. I believe this as I saw it for myself.

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