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How did I make more money

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

I always used to be earning a certain salary level and never earned more. I used to think why can't I break the pay ceiling, why can't I have more.

One day, I started affirming to myself. Every single day I thought: I have money, I have money. I really believed it every single day for months on end, at least 6 months or more.

To the point I got it, opportunity just showed up one day in ways I never expected it to.

I got to travel, pay debts, pay bills and save as the money just showed up and every opportunity just got better and better.

I went travelling to 10 different countries in 1 year, and still did everything else.

Another year I went travelling to 5 different continents.

I wanted it so badly, I believed it and went and made it happen for me. Therefore I believe, if I Can, You Can.

It all starts with your mindset - your beliefs.

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