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Bi Polar vs ADHD

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

I was diagnosed with bi polar.

Yesterday someone told me my behaviour is like their daughter's and she has ADHD. Now I am so confused. Which one am I? Does it matter at all?

I have realised, which one I believe in, I am.

At the end of the day I am me, I have always been the way I am.

Here are the signs of me having Bi Polar – high energy, my whole life:

  1. Talking rapidly to others so much, to the point where other people said, “I don't want to talk to Praveen as she keeps talking and doesn't listen.” This was true, I did this. I was releasing my energy, in the best way I knew I could, through my voice.

  2. Always interrupting others - same as above. Apologies if I have not listened to you and talked at you.

  3. Crying in front of others, I would cry in front of others, and then immediately after feel okay - this was me releasing my high energy.

  4. My parents told me everyone always wanted to be around me, I was a happy child. I was vibrating good energy, it was my natural state, so I was always doing it with no thought.

  5. I used to text everyone constantly at any time, immediately, even when they didn't reply back, I kept texting! This was my energy reflected in texting! I am sorry if I annoyed you texting in the middle of the night, or not giving you a chance to reply back to me, this is why I did it.

  6. In my life, many times, I did everything with little sleep. Work, study, socialise with everyone, exercise, dance, travel, I was doing it all. And no one once said, you can't do it all, even if I was only having 4 hours of sleep every night when I was at University!

I went to University and I partied every single night, and I know friends who only partied and failed University. I went to every dance society at University, taking part in dance shows, and again, I know friends who only danced, were exceptional at this and failed University. I did not miss one lecture at University, went to every lecture, studied hard, and I know friends who only studied and were exceptional. I was too, I got a first! I saw my family every weekend, in London, at home, every weekend, I was at some family member’s house. I spoke to probably everyone in my University, everyone knew me. I rang my family every single day at University, so much that I spoke to them more at University / in London than I ever have done whilst living at home! Who says you can't have it all? Whoever said it, made it up, as I did have it all, I had it all multiple times. This was my high energy which I have always had! I believe if I Can, You Can.

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