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Why is it so important to keep your mind clean?

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

What do I mean by clean? Believe thoughts that serve you, only you.

Someone picked someone else up through a suicide attempt, and by doing so took on thoughts from them, without even realising this.

I used to wonder why can't I connect with this person. Why are we not connecting? What have I done to this person to not want to be in my life right now. Why do you go somewhere else on my birthday, and not choose to spend it with me. Why do you never plan things with me, ever. Why do you stop me from socialising with you and your friends?

Recently, as I have done so much personal development, I was in a good frame of mind. This person started shouting at me. They never told me how they felt before, so I welcomed it. They shouted “You are nothing, you do not contribute anything to my life, I wouldn't want to know you, but I have to know you.” I repeated this back to this person. Repeatedly asking, “Do you believe this?” Guess what happened after? This person realised what they had believed in their entire life, they dropped the belief in an instant as realisation struck that they didn't want to believe this now. As a result, we are connected more than ever, on a level we never had before, and I am so happy with this outcome now.

Remember, help others, but think, "I think what I want", not what others want. Think what you want to keep your mind clean with thoughts that benefit you.

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